What are the disadvantages of living in an underwater house?

What are the disadvantages of living in an underwater house?

The idea of living in settlements, which are completely under the surface of the water, has been popularized by the science fiction movies in Hollywood. These movies gave the scientists the base to work upon and create such homes that will be submerged in nature. It has been made possible with the advancements in technology and science. Though many such projects have been completed, we are far from the construction of an underwater house on a mass scale.

Risks involved with the submerged homes

The very thought of living with the fishes is like a dream come true. Just imagine that the first thing that you see in the morning will be the fishes swimming by your window. Would it not be wonderful? For most, it will be, but there are some who think that living on the land is a better option than going sub-aquatic.

Underwater House

Problems of construction of the houses

Though many sub-aquatic homes have been built as prototypes, many have the notion that the construction workers will have to face some issues while erecting an underground house. The first thing that they will have to deal with is the water pressure. The lower they travel, the more will be the pressure. Thus, the entire foundation and construction mechanism must be altered to meet the underwater specifications. The second issue that the construction workers will have to deal with is the waterproofing on the inside of the house.

Only for the rich and the famous

There are no additional marks for guessing that the construction of the submerged homes is not an easy task. Special machines, tools, and materials will be required. It means that the client must be prepared to tolerate a lot of added expenditures. It can be said that the luxury of living in an Underwater House is only for the rich and the famous. The ordinary people will not be able to afford the expenses as of now. There are hotels in Dubai, which can give you a feel of what it is like to stay in sub-aquatic homes, but the room charges will burn a hole in your pocket.

Bad idea for the claustrophobics

If you are claustrophobic, then you should never be inside a sub-aquatic house. Though the rooms are spacious and special machines are installed for monitoring the temperature, air pressure of the rooms, the option of opening the windows is not present. Staying in a submerged home will not be a good idea for those who are not comfortable in closed spaces.

Risks from bad weather

The seas become very choppy during bad weather. The man has not perfected the art of getting the upper hand on the elements of nature. In the case of bad weather, the waves might crash against the sub-aquatic homes and damage them. It is not a good idea to be inside an underwater bubble when the sea around you is at its worst.

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